The Best Way to See New York City

New York City is one of the world’s great cities but it’s jammed with traffic day and night.  Manhattan is almost impossible to drive yourself.  The best way to see New York City is with a professional driver and tour guide from the top of a BigBus DoubleDecker bus.  Hop on, hop off as many times as you like.  Your ticket is good for the day, and it’s a lot cheaper than taking cabs.  Plus you get to sit up on top of the traffic and enjoy a 360°view.

BigBus buses are all new and custom designed to provide you with the best possible views of New York City’s attractions, neighborhoods, and places of interest.

You’ll be with English speaking tour guides loud and clear.  They are carefully chosen and well-trained to provide you with a fun, interesting experience including fascinating stories. Or, ask about pre-recorded tours in any one of 10 languages.

Big Bus Tours New York

The Best Way to See New York City Downtown

New York City is big, and the BigBus Classic Tours are split up into different routes. The Downtown Tour covers the heart of Manhattan with 20 stops. If you purchase your ticket online here, you can start anywhere on the route and hop-on or hop-off at any stop. Stop at Chinatown or Little Italy for lunch. Do some shopping in SoHo and sightseeing at the Empire State Building. Visit the diplomats at the United Nations, get a selfie in front of the bull at Wall St., and be sure to get off at Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. There are 20 stops altogether, each one a unique NewYork City experience.

The Best Way to See New York City Uptown

Uptown is the area Billy Joel sang about in Uptown Girl. It’s the more cultured area. Times Square is probably the most recognized city location in the world. Get off and walk around. Check out some of the shops; Times Square is home to the flagship stores of several famous brands. After that, ride through the Theater District, home of Broadway, then on to Radio City Music Hall. Central Park is enormous. There are stops at the Strawberry Fields, the Central Park Zoo, and the South Entrance. And Uptown includes several world-famous museums: The Guggenheim, MoMA, and the Museum of the City of New York. The final stop is Carnegie Hall.

Wow! There aren’t many other places on Earth with the number of landmarks and iconic attractions as New York. And even the youngsters will recognize most of them from TV and the movies.

Add to your Classic Tour with one or more of the BigBus special value add-ons:

  • Check out the glamour of NYC at night with a Night Tour. NYC comes alive after dark. Have your camera ready for pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square.
  • Add a stop at to see the big wigs and stars at Madame Tussauds world famous Wax Museum.
  • Save when you package admission to the Empire State Building and 9/11 Memorial Museum with your BigBus tour.
  • Or add a trip on the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island Ferry.

Must-See NYC Sights

Big Bus Tours New York

Empire State Building

The best way to see New York City and the Empire State Building is on a BigBus Tour
The best way to see New York City and the Empire State Building is on a BigBus Tour

The Empire State Building was an architectural wonder when built in the 1930s.  At 1250 feet high, it held the record for tallest building in the world for many years and became a cultural icon.  Even today, with computer design and modern building materials, there are very few buildings in the world that surpass it.

Check out the lobby as you enter.  The Empire State Building’s Art Deco design was ultra-modern when the building was planned, but remember, that was back when Ford was still selling Model A automobiles.

The building is still in use for offices, and it’s a prestigious address.  Over 20,000 people work in the building and, it’s so large, that it has its own zip code!

Observation deck lines are sometimes long but well worth the wait.  The primary observation deck is on the 86th floor and offers an open-air, 360° view of the New York City skyline that is amazing.  A second closed in and smaller observation deck is on the 102nd floor and requires an additional fee.

Times Square

Times Square
Times Square

Every vacationer to NYC has to see Times Square.  It’s been one of the most photographed places in the world since Kodak invented the Brownie.  In 1945, Alfred Eisenstaedt photographed his famous “The Kiss” there, a picture of a sailor kissing a girl on V-J Day.  And today, Times Square remains the #1 most photographed city locations in the world.

There are always people in the Square, more people visit the square each year than Disney World.  Many will be tourists like you, looking up at the big buildings and billboards.  Some may be office workers or entertainers from nearby Broadway.  But it’s always busy.

It’s is known as the Crossroads of the World because of all of the international travelers, and the Great White Way going back to when it was one of the first intersections in the USA to be lit with Electric Lights.  And every year on New Year’s Eve, about a million people show up despite cold New York winter weather to watch the ball drop starting the new year.

Located in mid-town Manhattan at the intersection of Broadway and 7th ave, Times Square is in the center of the Theater District and a hot nightlife area.  Of course, there are shops of all kinds, including flagship store for some of the worlds top brands.

Be sure to see Times Square for yourself.  It’s one of the BigBus hop-on-hop-off stops.


Liberty Island

Liberty Island
Liberty Island

The Statue of Liberty stands in the middle of NYC harbor and is visible from just about anywhere nearby on the water or shore, both in New York and New Jersey.  But viewing the lady from afar isn’t nearly as impressive as being close up.

There are several ferries and they run often.  It’s a short ride, just 15 minutes each way.  Lady Liberty’s full size is only appreciated from close up.  It’s one of those “gotta see” spots.

Plan ahead if you have time as tickets to enter the Statue sell out quickly each day.

The best way to see New York City and all of these great attractions is from the observation deck of a BigBus!

Big Bus Tours New York